Tampa Bay Lightning Coaches Get Yet Another Free Meal, This Time From Vince Vaughn

For a city who's team is down 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Final, Chicago sure is taking care of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Just one night after having their tab picked up at Chicago Cut Steakhouse by Charles Barkley. 20 members of the Lightning staff returned to the restaurant on Tuesday night, only to recieve another free meal. This time, by big time Blackhawks fan Vince Vaughn.

Lightning head coach John Cooper tried to pick up the check for Vaughn first, but the funny man was having none of that...

“Vince looks at me and says ‘I know that guy just called you over to pick up my check. That’s not how we roll in Chicago.’ He goes ‘This is Chicago, my town. This is how we treat people. I got his check.””

— David Flom (Managing Partner of Chicago Cut Steakhouse)

The Lightning may never leave Chicago if they keep getting free meals.